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No Man  


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No Man

no man lives forever
no man cries forever
no game lasts forever
no pain leaves forever

no sign is connection
no miles are for walking
no man is crying louder
no soul wants to leave

no kind is obsession
no light is the only one
no crawling ever matters
no thinking does explain

no man is religion
no king is even better
no light does stop forever
no tears do ever fade

who wants to believe
who wants to be my silent waiter

we‘re all dancers of the cabinet
even our turnstiles are soaking wet
i guess its time to get rid of a lid
i‘m sure to be out

i guess its time


if i could make her eyes shine
by telling her a fairy tale
with gloomy beasts
mean queens, old kings, night owls

talking cats, rich donkeys, little dwarfs
mhhh, you are a cute girl
princess pea, lives in hidden world
and in a red hut, they got strong fears

bright eyes hide the frightening
hold your breath and
tears fade slowly

knocking out all the clowns
they‘re too loud she had found
even worse are the kicks
the kicks of fun
she called out


so, here you are now
comon in and have a seat
do you want something to drink, dear?
did you stop smoking?
i can imagine that its cold outside
and inside i guess its, too

so maybe this is to private now
i did cut my hair just today,
i thought i would look different from the outside
and inside too

do wanna know what it feels like?

so maybe we‘re left now, both of us you know
and tears turn into pebbles at some points
yours may already have, but mine still hurt when i step on them

before you go, i must tell you some things which aren‘t mine
no, no they don‘t belong to me
i‘ve got to place them to get rid of them
so wait and let me speak out for once

Breaking your Waves

storms, there were storms going through my head
waiting for a sign to come from the deep end
bothering on wuthering heights
so fields of joy are hard to find

rain, there was rain coming down on me
it made a river only skindeep
sleep away those clouds, i thought
but fields of joy are hard to find

ways, there were ways built on love
but nobody ever walked on them
changing of colour did not bother
but fields of joy are hard to find

stars, there were stars shining up on you
but you didnt feel the warmth of two hearts
kept running away from the hands that hold you
but fields of joy are hard to find

Morning Sun

i guess it‘s time to seek for a rhyme which aint there
there‘s a weight on my chest much worse than your crest
to blame them, on and on

where does it flow, where has it gone
why is my life full of questions on
why is my heart round the corner
function to function is my trade

where is it loud where is it low
where is connection to this bloody soul
why is it narrow where is the space
darling come to me you‘re already late

and the morning sun keeps me hide away
the morning sun makes me hide

i guess i‘m weird but i‘m leaking inside of my heart
its simply the rest of insides i guessed has gone with your soul


changing places, go
taking chains of love with you
getting rid of freedom go
maybe you know whats left on the way

changing places go
give me space to move on
i need more space i screamed
wheres the place to get back to you
whats left on the way

changing places, go
how does your skin change
getting rid of wrinkles go
maybe you know whats left on the way

You Say

you say
almost playing so
but someone will stay, you know
what a nice place to be

where do traces got then
since you have gone away
every one knows you should have stayed

spoken words dont mean the same
ever lasting minds dont exist here
elevators sometimes do stop you know
neclecting facts

you say
does talking help reminding you
rather than waiting again
the tension that should never end
the face that doesnt get older

Talkin' About

i‘m going to talk about the whales here
creatures of the sea
communicaters between oceans
got lives far underneath
eyes wide open staring in the blue
maniacs of conversation
kings and queens of quiteness and storms
you see, i‘m talking about the wales here

i‘m talking bout the whales here
never freezing, but underneath
they don‘t like to be outstanding
big brains sailing, floating, travelling long ways
restless crawling till they light the sky
the past has never left them to believe
they drink and drive, stay calm inside


no drawer for the sickness
no helpline operator
its all flying inside a head
preciousness is easy
kept it in a chest
full of cosy words and hands
you‘ve never seen before

she‘s dressed up in white linnen things
bone to bone she‘s standing still
looking into nowhere land
the wind stops in the middle of her back
air‘s floating in
it‘s evening in almost every soul

rose, i want to be a rose


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