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An Electric Luminary

Scorpio Electric was founded in 2017 by Melvin Goh, a veteran in the automotive industry, and coincidentally a Scorpio astrologically. We’re a Singapore-based electric motorcycle manufacturer that focuses on design, performance, and technology — and operates as a subsidiary of EuroSports Global, Singapore’s leading distributor of luxury automobiles such as Lamborghini. Made for the eco-savvy urban individual, our electric motorcycles forge a symbiotic riding experience by combining power, intelligence and sophistication — all while accelerating the proliferation of low carbon transport.

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Scorpius is one of the brightest constellations in our starry night sky. It’s distinctly characterised by the shape of a scorpion, and is most commonly associated with the star sign Scorpio. The stars in this constellation inspire both our name and motorcycles. We harness its passion, intensity and resilience to guide our brand, much like how we’re guided by Antares, the brilliant red star that shines through the heart of the scorpion. This is the heartbeat that reverberates through our brand, a small yet audacious enterprise from the little red dot Singapore, poised to cast our brilliance around the world and beyond.

a Masterpiece

At Scorpio Electric, we don’t just make electric motorcycles. We engineer masterpieces. Electric machines that score high in performance and finesse. And we achieve that by staying true to our three design philosophies.


Beauty in form; premium in quality. Our designs go beyond the tangible, beckoning to be not just observed but indulged, evoking profound emotions.


Our vehicles provide exhilarating experiences. They deliver performances that redefine their category, meticulously attending to even the smallest details. They consistently leave users yearning for more.


Our vehicles feature cutting-edge technologies of the next era, enabling seamless connection between humans and machines. They enhance vehicle efficiency and pave the way for a future of intelligent mobility.