SINGAPORE, 22 OCTOBER, 2021 – Scorpio Electric launches the X1 globally and is now available for pre-orders via their new website on 22 October, 1800hrs GMT+8. A digital world premiere of the X1 will also be showcased on Scorpio Electric’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“We are thrilled to be unveiling our first X1, from Singapore to the world. Just like the most powerful star in the Scorpio constellation, the X1 will be a leader in her category. As the first Singapore electric vehicle brand, we continuously push boundaries to perfect design, performance and technology. We are one step closer to sharing our vision with our riders – a future of electric mobility that was unperceivable,” commented Joshua Goh, Deputy CEO of Scorpio Electric.

X1: “Future Unseen”
Unique and not seen, the X1 is the most powerful star in the Scorpio constellation. Category defining, the X1 paves the way for smart riding and pioneers the unseen future.

Guided by the brand’s core values design, performance and technology, the X1 is designed and engineered for a new generation of lifestyle riders.

Design That Moves
Beauty in form, premium in quality, the X1 design goes beyond the tangible and invites to be experienced. Ergonomically designed to conquer any city adventure anywhere in the world, the X1 spots a number of notable design features:

  • Clean lines with an overall head-turning form factor
  • Unique LED headlight and taillight
  • Integrated powertrain distinctly built within single-sided swingarm

Best in Category Performance
The X1 targets to hit a top speed of 105kph and a projected range of 200km1 per single full charge, delivering a category defining riding experience.

Future-Proof Technology
To deliver a truly smart high-performance electric motorcycle, we have developed a proprietary mobile application that seamlessly connects with the X1. New features that cater to evolving lifestyle riding requirements will be offered through our mobile application.

Some of the key features include:

  • Keyless entry
  • Remote bike lock / unlock
  • Real-time vehicle status information (e.g. trip summary, battery status, estimated range and other vital statistics)
  • Smart navigation (e.g. alerting riders on adverse conditions or high incident occurrence route)
  • Vehicle locator
  • Anti-theft alert

An array of sensors is built into the X1 to collect live data for AI-assisted predictive analysis and enhance riding efficiencies. The X1 is a vision of the future by redefining the concept of smart riding.

Limited in annual production, the X1 retails at USD 9,8002 and is now available for pre-orders globally at a deposit of USD 1,000 via Scorpio Electric’s website Delivery of bikes is targeted around late 2022 and early 2023. In conjunction with the launch, a series of questions as collected from the community will be answered on Scorpio Electric’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Follow Scorpio Electric on social media for more updates.

Technology Scorpio App


Range is based on our projected World Motorcycle Test Cycle (“WMTC”) estimated range. WMTC range is currently not available. Actual range will be dependent on many factors, including battery age, driving habits, charging habits, temperatures, accessory use, and other factors as described in our owner’s manual. Vehicle specifications and features are subject to change and European homologation standards.

2 Prices above are indicative only and are exclusive of taxes and other charges.

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