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X1 validation prototype in Madrid, Spain

SINGAPORE, 18 July 2023 - Scorpio Electric Pte. Ltd ("Scorpio Electric"), Singapore"s first electric motorcycle company, announced a significant milestone achieved for its highly anticipated electric motorcycle, the Scorpio Electric X1 ("X1"), during the recent Nexus Europe 2023 conference held in Madrid, Spain.

The Nexus Europe 2023 is an inaugural congregation for European business partners to understand more about the brand, engineering advancements and future product roadmap as the X1 undergoes the final stages of developments.

Engineering Milestones

scorpio electric x1 ebike scorpio electric x1 ebike milestone
  • Proof of Concept (“POC”)-:

    Melvin Goh, Scorpio Electric founder, birthed the concept ideation of a next generation premium electric motorcycle catered to the urban eco conscious individual. Since its inception, the engineers at Scorpio Electric have dedicated their expertise and resources to develop a functional electric 2-wheeler, laying the foundation for the X1.

  • Engineering Prototype (“E1”)-:

    For the first time ever, the E1 marks the first milestone to integrate Scorpio Electric’s vehicle design ideals with their development powertrain. A merger of aesthetics with functionality.

  • Engineering Showcase Prototype 2nd Generation (“E2S”)-:

    A non-propulsion prototype created specifically for showcase, the E2S is a demonstration of the engineering progress that Scorpio Electric has made with their product development. This prototype resembles the X1 even closer.

  • Engineering Testing Prototype 2nd Generation (“E2T”)-:


    Scorpio Electric’s commitment to the relentless pursuit of perfection, has led the company to the creation of the E2T, enabling an in-depth evaluation of their design and technical requirements. The E2T underwent several performance and durability tests on closed circuits and public roads.

    • The E2T underwent rigorous tests to ensure its design performance and reliability. These tests include acceleration, braking, high-speed circuit, incline, and navigating curbs etc.

    • The durability of the E2T powertrain was tested in a mountainous environment to handle high power applications. This involved managing the battery's temperature.

    • The durability of various components on the E2T was tested by simulating real riding conditions. This durability test includes the usage of switches, adjusting the brightness of the display between day and night, charge and discharge of the battery, and stress testing of the lights and other components.

    • The E2T has an Anti-lock Braking System (“ABS”) integrated, which was a time taking process to refine. This involved incorporating the ABS module and speed sensors, testing the braking performance under different conditions, and determining the optimal parameters to balance high braking performance, while ensuring user-friendly applications in any situation.

  • Engineering Validation Prototype (“E2V”)-:

    The E2V validates the final design intent as the company moves one step closer to being production ready. Scorpio Electric has further optimised their power and regeneration mapping for an engaging rider experience.

The X1 was initially conceived as a bold proof of concept, a testament to Scorpio Electric"s capability to develop a premium electric motorcycle, catered to the urban eco-conscious individual. Scorpio Electric is proud to announce the successful completion of several crucial stages in her engineering progress, including the transition from POC to E2V - which was unveiled at the Nexus Europe 2023.

Final Phase of Development and Arrival of PPR Units

  • Pre-Production Prototype ("PPR")-: 2023

    The PPR units represent the penultimate engineering development milestone prior to mass production. Scorpio Electric is amidst the finalisation of their PPR units. Within this quarter, Scorpio Electric is currently building PPR units in collaboration with Chinese enterprise Shenzhen BYD Electronics. These PPR units will further undergo rigorous testing, certification, and homologation to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance are met.

The Mecca for Motorcyclists - EICMA (November 2023)

Scorpio Electric will also be participating in the prestigious Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) exhibition, scheduled to take place in Milan, Italy from 7-12 November 2023. The exhibition will serve as an ideal platform for Scorpio Electric to officially unveil the X1, alongside other future electric motorcycle models.

Attendees can look forward to immersing in the Scorpio Electric brand journey, be amongst the first to witness the public unveiling of the X1, as well as an exclusive preview of their future product-line up. More details about the launch will be revealed soon. For more information, visit


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Annex A - Features of the Scorpio Electric X1

  • Top Speed: 105 km/hr
  • Acceleration: 0-50 km/hr in 3.8 seconds
  • Max Power: 10kW"
  • Battery: 72V 5kW Lithium Ion, Air-Cooled
  • Range: 200 km at 40 km/hr
  • L x W x H: 2125 mm x 775 mm x 1212 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1525 mm
  • Kerb Weight: 185 kg
  • Storage: Full Face Helmet Capability
  • Swingarm: Single-sided aluminium
  • Front Suspension: Upside down front fork
  • Rear Suspension: Dual Rated Shock Absorber
  • Rims: X1 Cast AI ENKEI rims
  • Front Tyres: 120/70-15 M/C 56P Pirelli
  • Rear Tyres: 140/70-14 M/C 68P Pirelli
  • Brakes: J JUAN brakes
  • ABS System: BOSCH 2-Channel
  • Headlights: LED Headlight with adaptive cornering lights
  • HMI Display: 7-inch TFT display
  • Battery: Samsung SDI NCM cells
  • Charge Time: 0-90% in 3 hours
  • Charging Type & Rate: Type 2, 1.5kW AC Charging
Premium Features and Connectivity:
  • Magnetic ride by wire throttle technology""
  • Electronically controlled steering lock
  • Reverse assist
  • Companion mobile application
    • Vehicle lock/unlock
    • Real-time vehicle summary and analytics
    • Customisable energy regeneration / rider dynamics profiling
    • Battery charge and discharge remote control
    • Seat cover and charger cover remote release

Note: As Scorpio Electric continues to develop and improve their products, these indicative specifications are subject to changes without prior notice. Based on tests conducted in ideal conditions. The actual numbers may vary.

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